How do chiropractic and massage treatments help?

How do chiropractic and massage treatments help?

“My back/neck/shoulder hurts! Should I see a Chiropractor or have a massage? If both, do I have massage before the Chiropractor?”

This is a common question for us to be asked. Having our wonderful massage therapist, Gena here, it’s one we’ve considered a lot.

Firstly, why do muscles get tight? Besides overuse injuries and acute strains which should heal when rested, if your muscles are always feeling stiff and tight it’s often because they are compensating for mechanical issues your body cannot correct. Small misalignments of bones and joints occur regularly. Mostly our body corrects itself when moving and stretching. Occasionally something gets “stuck” in a way the body can’t fix, so it “twists and locks” to protect itself from further damage. What makes this happen? Our muscles!

This is one reason people often feel wonderful after massage, yet the relief may not last. As we stand up gravity puts stress back on that twisted spot and muscles are forced to lock it up again. As chiropractors we focus on detecting and correcting misalignments your body cannot correct, so your body unlocks and untwists. This means muscles are not overworked and can relax on a more lasting level.

A good massage often helps speed that process along! So if you’re looking to combine both, we advise having a massage first. Once the tension is released your chiropractor can adjust any misalignments that cause the tightness to return.

So chiro, massage, or both? It’s up to you! If you find that massage doesn’t bring lasting relief chances are you’ve got a few twists and turns your chiropractor can help correct to get you moving and feeling better for longer!

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