Little Boys Dreams Do Come True!

Little Boys Dreams Do Come True! Total Balance Chiropractic

Let us tell you a story… about two little boys.

Once upon a time there was boy named James. There was also a boy called Tom. He was born a few years after James. These boys grew up in different towns, in different times yet they shared a common dream that they had no idea would one day bring them together as colleagues and mates.

What was that dream?

To be a Doctor. A Chiropractic doctor. Not just any chiropractic doctor either. They wanted to become chiropractors that would treat people with a unique method of chiropractic care. They both had a dream of providing a focus on postural and structural correction through the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) technique.

Off to University these two fellows went and after years of study and practice they both became Doctors in Chiropractic. They knuckled down and worked hard, they partied hard, they got involved in sport and they went without a lot to fulfill their dreams during those Uni years. Behind them they had the support they needed and were each blessed with belief in themselves and their abilities.

Today these two young boys with a similar vision are grown men. James and Tom are both living their dream as they work together at Total Balance Chiropractic where we aim to help patients make a lasting change in their spine and health.

James and Tom both see patients in the practice, go out networking to increase our business connections, get involved in the local community and are star guest speakers at public events. Along with the rest of the Total Balance team they participate in all sorts of national events including Spinal Health Week, Men’s and Women’s Health Weeks and NAIDOC Week to name a few. These talented Guys also give complimentary talks on Careers Day in High Schools, healthy posture talks in the workplace to workers in many industries and provide activities at local gym’s for people of all ages and backgrounds too.

The moral of the story is not about business. The moral of this story Folks is…

Any little boys dream can come true. As can any little girls dream come true. As adults we can nurture children’s dreams, help them believe in themselves, encourage them, praise their efforts and help pave the path ahead.

James and Tom are living proof that little boys dreams do come true!

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