Managing posture in the workplace

Managing posture in the workplace

With the evolution of technology office workers have found themselves becoming more and more attached to computers and handheld electronic devices. While technological advancements have allowed humanity to do so many things that 50 years ago would have been unthinkable, they have also resulted in people spending prolonged periods at workstations where they adopt a posture which increases the stress on the muscles and joints of the spine. When people spend 8 hours a day in these positions they don’t just go back into a good posture when they stand back up, as the body is influenced by what it is doing most often!

Typical postural changes that come from extended periods of sitting in front of a computer and staring down at hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets include forward head carriage, rolled forward shoulders and a hunched upper back. Click here to read more about posture.

A few ways to minimise the effects of office work are:

Change positions regularly – Studies have shown you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes straight in one stagnant position, remember to get up for around 30-60 seconds every 30 minutes to have a stretch and help the blood to move around your body.

Ensure your office is set up ergonomically so you are not in positions that will place undue stress and strain on your body – This includes things such as desktop height, distance from workstation, keyboard height, feet being flat on the floor, and proper seating which your body does not slump into. Height adjustable desks are a great way to get out of the seat at work and are becoming widely available and affordable.

Set your office up to get you moving – Set your office up in a way so that you are regularly reminded to get up and move around. One easy way is to have the printer or water cooler on the other side of the office so whenever you need them you get up and walk over to them.

At Total Balance Chiropractic we are passionate about ensuring your body is not under excess strains and educating individuals on ways they can look after their bodies. Outside of the clinic we also do workplace ‘Lunchbreak Postural Presentations’ to educate business owners, managers and employees who work in offices how to manage their bodies in the workplace. To find out how to book one of these free, fun interactive lunchtime presentations please call Sherynne on (02) 49692886. To book an appointment click here

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