Top Chiropractic Myths

Top Chiropractic Myths Total Balance Chiropractic

In this week’s blog we are raising a few of the common myths and misconceptions that surround chiropractic care…

Chiropractic Treatment is Painful

Fear of an adjustment hurting is something that prevents some people from even trying chiropractic care. However the majority of our patients at Total Balance Chiropractic feel great relief, especially immediately following an adjustment.

Like undergoing a new exercise program, some may feel some soreness between visits as their body rebalances. Yet as they progress and their body adjusts, this discomfort fades and most patients report feeling less pain, easier and looser movement and a greater capacity to get through their day to day activities.

Once Chiropractic Care Starts, It Continues Forever

Our aim is to provide long term lasting relief from aches and pains, and initially this can take a bit of work to get your body to a nice stable point. However once you are there the choice of where you want to go with care is entirely up to the individual.

Many patients feel regular visits help keep them in great shape whilst others like to just come in for a bit of a tune up if they are noticing something bothering them. The choice is yours!

If I don’t feel Back or Neck Pain There’s No Reason to See a Chiropractor

While many of our patients initially see us with neck or back pain, we are all about making sure you can get the most out of your body and having the best quality of life possible. Many people come to Total Balance Chiropractic as they are proactive and want to start addressing things such as poor posture or bad habits, before they start causing pain.

Chiropractors only treat back pain

ABC™ Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the spine and nervous system, and the role this relationship plays in your body’s ability to regulate itself and maintain health function. By helping improve the alignment of your spine and other weight bearing joint structures of the hips, pelvis, knees ankles and feet, we aim to make it easier for your brain to keep your body more upright with less effort.

Does this mean people with sore backs feel better? In the vast majority of cases the answer is a resounding yes, as it is for people suffering from neck pain, headaches, shoulder and hip problems and much more.

Yet our goal is much broader than getting rid of any individual symptom. In the same way that your mechanic fixing your wheel alignment can not only get rid of some annoying squeaks, but help your whole car work better, we deal with improving the function of the entire person, not just the sore back!

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