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What is ABC™

Advanced Biostructural Correction

What is ABC™

Our practice is the only chiropractic office in Newcastle to utilize Advanced Biostructural Correction™ as our technique of choice. It is a unique approach to analysing and correcting misalignments of the spine and other body structures that can produce very consistent and predictable changes in posture and body alignment, as well as providing great symptomatic relief in the majority of cases.

It uses a combination of deep body stretches and very gentle spinal adjustments to help the body unlock itself and return to its own natural balance. It is a hands-on treatment method, and the majority of adjustments are performed with the patient standing. There are no special instruments or complex treatment tables required for an ABC™ adjustment.

What is ABC™ ? What is ABC

The results of an ABC™ adjustment are often seen and felt immediately. Patients feel like they stand more upright with less effort, and that their posture does not slump when they relax. These postural changes can be easily seen in the photos and videos on this page. Because their body is better able to support itself, they often report that they feel lighter, more relaxed and more mobile, usually with a significant reduction in pain and restriction. And because of improved movement through the spine and ribcage, many patients also report that their breathing feels fuller and requires less effort.

As well as correcting the alignment issues you may have now, Total Balance Chiropractic spend the time to teach you how to better maintain your posture and alignment, so you’re less at risk of having the same problems returning in the future. Over time this approach means that the postural changes become much more long lasting.

"Change Your Posture, Change Your Life!"